How to be happy alone – any day.

It is a brave step to ask a question like how to be happy alone, So Are you OK?

I hope you feel like you are getting somewhere at long last.

It’s probably been a long road for you, you’ve come a long way. Rebuilding your life one piece at a time – it’s hard – I know – I’ve been there.

how to be happy alone

The good news is that you can cultivate and grow a sense of happiness and draw on it at any time you choose.

You see – It’s actually much easier to smile than to frown; scientists have found that it takes 4 times as many muscles to frown as it does to smile. it seems that being glum is actually hard work!

And really when you think about it, smiling does make you feel lighter doesn’t it?

Let’s say you can choose a day in the future – your day – the sun is sparkling just a little brighter, the air is just a little more comfortable on your skin, your drink tastes a little sweeter and the scent of your flowers is almost intoxicating.

So, you’re looking at how to be happy alone.

In truth there are lots of ways to cultivate a sense of happiness, people draw a feeling of happiness from all corners of their lives – it’s not as simple as ‘be happy’ though – that’s like someone telling you to cheer up when you only feel like being down.

I’m sure you have discovered that being happy is a transient thing, it comes and goes and is as solid as smoke, you just can’t seem to firmly grip it and hold on to it.

The trick is to cultivate more happy events on a day to day basis.

yes but how can I do that you ask?

In a moment I’m going to ask you to do something batty that might seem strange and a little ‘off’ and actually I find that some people have a really hard time getting into it, but please, bear with me IT IS WORTH IT.

You will probably want to read the rest of this before trying what follows – it won’t work as well if you are trying to read at the same time.

and please, follow through giving each step it’s own time.


  1. look up slightly
  2. clear your mind
  3. as you breathe notice the sensation of the air as you inhale and exhale
  4. hold this stance until you begin to feel a little bored (try to not allow your mind to hop about)
  5. think about that air that’s coming in and out – in and out – it’s clean good air – it nourishes you it keeps you alive – your body needs it.
  6. feel the air entering your body, feel it circulating around – doing it’s work.
  7. isn’t it incredible that we have such a thing?
  8. what if we didn’t have ‘good’ air what if the air we had was only half as good?
  9. what would that do?
  10. Feel thankful for your air.

You know something? Doing that simple exercise can put you on a road to a much more fulfilled and happy life.

and you can change the focus to anything you like, your brother or sister, cousin, your job, your hobbies, the food you enjoy, anything that is relevant to you.

Hopefully you now know a bit more about how to be happy alone.

Think of this: there are more than 1 Billion people in the world today who have to live on less than $1 a day.