Homing in on the one Goal

Where we are: 2017 – cycle 2 – Week 3: Order – day 6.
As you will know by now this week is about planning, – you see what we’re trying to achieve here is CLARITY.
What we’re trying to avoid is:
“I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure” – Boscoe Pertwee.
We’re trying to eliminate indecision ‘should I have the red one or the blue one’ ‘tea? or coffee?’ ‘this direction or that direction’.
Indecision! everywhere! – this, incidentally is a big contributor to self confidence and esteem issues.
Coming back to list of goals; you should have been able to eliminate all but your top 2 goals and laid out your positive/plus negative/minus grid.
if you need a template for that you can download one here.
What you need to do is to put down all of the positive things about obtaining this goal and all the negative things that are about getting this goal.
Once you have done this you should have items in all 4 columns.
What you need to look for is ways to eliminate something on one side with another.
for instance; say your decision is about a new job in a nearby town but you have no transport (negative) but then the job comes with a car as an added benefit. (positive) one cancels out the other.
you need to carefully go through your list and eliminate as much as possible and only leave things behind that are ‘must haves’ not only ‘wishes’ if you can’t find a way to cancel something it must stay, don’t just eliminate things because you don’t like or want them, they are facts and unless considered could mean that your whole goal could fail, and no-one wants that.
Remember your two goals may be very different, so this elimination stage is only simplifying the decision.
Tomorrow I’ll show you how to use what is left to decide which will be your goal – exciting isn’t it?