Slay your toxic noise barons

Where we are: 2017 – cycle 2 – Week 2: Silence – day 6.

You’re late – again.

You sneak in the back way hoping to get in without being caught.

And you walk straight into the exact person you were trying to avoid.

This is exactly what happens to Marty McFly in the Movie Back To The Future.

He’s late for school and his girlfriend Jennifer intercepts him and they go in another way only to run straight into Mr Strickland who is a Strict Disciplinarian.

Strickland delights in dishing out his ‘nickels worth of free advice’ to Marty.

He says “No McFly has ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley”.

Not exactly something to build up his confidence and self esteem is it?

But his reply is exactly the right attitude.

“Oh Yeah? well, things are going to change.”

So, here’s the scoop.

There are people around us, like Strickland who feed us negative thoughts.

To grow and feel more confident about yourself you must reduce or eliminate your exposure to these people.

Don’t let someone who has gave up on their dreams Talk you out of yours.

Think: I Can, I Will, I do, I DARE!.