Weigh the positives and negatives for goal setting

Where we are: 2017 – cycle 2 – Week 3: Order – day 7.
Dear Friend
The Average Pencil can write about 45,000 words or draw a straight line 56Km Long it can also be sharpened about seventeen times.
Well, you’ve probably used at least half a pencil with all the hard work you’ve been doing this week and even if you’ve only been following this in your ‘mind’ I want to acknowlege that it’s not easy and by coming this far you have done extremely well – you’ve kinda proved to yourself you can do it – and I feel that’s important. I’m excited for you!
Let’s move on, again this is a little complicated – sorry, but bear with me on this, it is the final step.
Are you familiar with negative numbers?
Imagine a horizontal line with -100 to the extreme left and +100 to the extreme right with 0 in the middle.
The 0 represents neutrality – something that doesn’t matter.
The -100 represents a big NO!
I’m sure you’re waaay ahead of me here but then the +100 is a big YES!
Go through the remaining items on your lists and ask yourself how big a yes or no is this thing.
if it’s a positive thing give it a + number from 0 to 100 according to how strongly positive you feel it is
for instance, in a new job; more pay might be an 80.
do the same for the negative side remember to put the – next to the negative numbers.
again for our new job; less annual leave might be -60
Next: add together all the positive numbers and all the negative numbers – then take the negative one from the positive one.
you might end up with numbers like positive: 460 negative: -220
your final figure for that particular goal would then be 460-220 = 240
Maybe your other goal might be; positive:380 negative:-260 = 120
Clearly here the first goal is the stronger one and this would be your choice.
You can always come back to the other goals on your list once you’ve completed this one.
VERY IMPORTANT BIT; Take MASSIVE ACTION on this goal, immediately.
Ever pushed a car? pretty hard to begin with isn’t it? but once you get it rolling – much easier.
Overcome the resistance of inertia and dive deeply into making your goal happen.
Here’s a few examples:
Say your goal is to lose weight; go through your cupboards and fridge and give away all the ‘bad’ foods you have, join a gym/fitness group/slimming club – somewhere that will encourage you to move your body more that also has people with a similar goal to yours – preferably connected to a qualified trainer who can help you. tell everyone you’re serious about losing weight and ask them to help you.
say you want to save money; sell everything you haven’t used in the past 6 months, cancel any subscriptions that are unnecessary, cut up your credit cards – look for ways to economise on your household bills – get the rest of your family to ‘buy in’ to the scheme – make it a game. Consult a financial advisor.
If you want a new job – smarten yourself up, update your CV and refresh your skills. Find out every company in your area that employs people with your skills – learn about them, discover ways you can bring VALUE to them – call them up – be ENTHUSIASTIC – GO and GET YOUR JOB don’t wait for it to come to you.
ok, we’ve covered a lot of ground this week and it’s time to wrap it up – thank you for staying the course and I truly hope this week makes all the difference to you, you should now have a ‘mission’ to focus on, everthing else in the Virtues hinges on this key factor.
Next week is cornered on something most people are a little elastic with and that is ‘Keeping your Word’ but mastering this skill raises the way you are seen as well as the way you see yourself.