Wired for Enthusiasm

wired for enthusiasmWhere we are: 2017 – Cycle 2 – Week 1 – Day 4.

We humans are creatures of habit.

That is: we habitually do things in sequence.

Some of these habits are positive and re-inforcing others however are negative and sometimes destructive.

This week we’re focussing our attention on Enthusiasm – to build it – to experience it and to begin to use it in our lives.

But ‘talking’ about it isn’t ‘doing’ it – you and I both know that it isn’t easy to by-pass all your old habits just like that, this is where the 13 virtues scores big for us – it helps us to break down our negative programming and replace it with a better ‘program’ a better habit.

Now, we could get into this really deeply but this isn’t the place or time to write a whole book.

but, it reminds me of when I was at College – we had to program a mannequin with a robot arm, to pick up a cup of liquid and to drink from it.

Each step was distinct, in order to bring the cup to the mouth of the mannequin there was a sequence that we programmed.

This sequence was up to us, and among the group there were very many variations on the same thing.

anyway – we all failed, we forgot to open the mouth of the mannequin and the liquid dribbled down it’s chin.

We humans are programmed in exactly the same way – step by step – neuron by neuron and each sequence is LEARNED.

To us, many of these sequences are automatic, we don’t think about them at all but don’t be deceived, these are highly complex.

You don’t think at all about riding a bike now, but when you first tried it wasn’t so easy was it?

Each step in the sequence is triggered by the previous one.

The examples I’ve given above are all physical ones but the principle works the same way if you are thinking or talking.

The trick to change the sequence is to stop it at the point it goes bad (look out for it) and then replace the old bad sequence with a new better sequence.

Repeatedly doing this on a ‘problem’ will weaken and eventually replace the old habit with the new.

Today – as you are going about the world being enthusiastic – look for moments when you feel ‘resistance’ this is a clue that something isn’t quite right and you should take a closer look – you may learn a little bit of what is holding you back.