Your shot at the stars – the importance of goals.

Where we are: 2017 – cycle 2 – Week 3: Order – day 5.

On Average the blue-banded bee, head bangs flowers at the rate of 350 times a second.

I mention this because although this seems random and chaotic it is with one specific goal in mind.

Yes even the humble bee has a goal – to obtain pollen.

It seems to me that we’ve been so deep into our planning phase that we could use a little perspective on why it is so important.

Allow me to illustrate with a personal story:

When I was younger I was fortunate enough to earn a place at University studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

I was desparate to change my status from ‘unskilled’ to ‘skilled’ worker – I had spent too many long depressing days working in a factory – arriving in darkness and leaving in darkness.

I wanted a job that would involve different situations and different places.

As part of the course I was on, Students were expected to produce a ‘project’ for their final year.

It should be something they could demonstrate their knowlege and skills with and would make up a very large proportion of their final grade for the year.

Not only that but these projects were to be shown as part of an ‘open’ day where prospective employers could be invited along to see the students work.

We all knew this because they kinda made a big thing of it – I guess it made them look good too – having students ‘snapped’ up even before graduation!

This, I recognised, was the opportunity I had been looking for – my ticket to a better job and increased prospects.

My only problem was that at this open day would be showing the work of 80 other students – I would really have to stand out.

I resolved to produce the very best project I could and then invite prospective employers along to the open day.

If I’m honest I chose a project that on the face of it, was far too complex. I should have listened to my tutor and everyone else who said that it was ‘too much’.

But I didn’t – sometimes you have to be a stubborn old fool.

I feel it would be unfair of me to explain too much detail about this project suffice to say that it was to decode and display weather satellite pictures. – just like you see on the TV weather show.

I had just one year. – gulp.

But I wasn’t going to let that stop me: for that entire year, I lived, breathed and swam in satellites – every moment I had I was doing something towards ‘the project’ – I always had in my mind; my Goal – this new job – this new life. – I asked for help from everybody I could find to talk to me about it.

Without this burning desire – this mission – this ‘thing I had to do’ my project would probably have looked a bit like the other 98% on that project day – a jumble of wires and a flashing light. – I daresay that this reflected on the amount of planning and time they devoted to their projects, but in all other respects they were every bit as clever and qualified as I was.

Not only did my project give me a distinction in my grades I also got 3 job offers right off the bat and I also won the project prize for the entire year.

I hope you can see the power and necessity of having a ‘definiteness of purpose’ a ‘mission’ a ‘goal’ for YOURSELF – you will be ASTOUNDED at what you can achieve with such power of focus – get after it my friend.