Pork Scratchings

Once upon a time, I used to sell Pork Scratchings.

if you don’t know what these are, they are sometimes known as pork crunch, Chicharones and even Schweinekrusten in Germany.

Sounds nasty, why would I do such a thing?

I was working in collusion with the National Dentistry Association?


I was on a mission to increase the burgeoning waistbands of the western world?


I was bored and wanted something to do?

That’s probably it.

No, these snacks are actually really popular in Public Houses and they go really well with beer.

Fortunately for me, at the time I started, no-one was selling fresh ones, the competition were all selling tiny packets with small squares of pork rind that had so much preservative with them I think they could embalm an entire street of people with just one packet.

No, mine were fresh, in fact they were so fresh that when I went to the factory to get them they were still warm!

The smell was indescribable and left me salivating like Pavlov’s dogs.

Anyway, the hardest thing about doing this was actually finding places to sell them.

Most ‘managed’ pubs have a contract with someone who supplies all their little consumable bits and getting into some of these places was lets just say, challenging.

But when we did get them in, oh boy did we get a response.

Then we’d go around and sell them into farm shops and pubs and convenience stores.

Anyway, Pork Scratchings aren’t all bad.

In fact they probably enjoyed a bit of a resurgence about 15 years ago with the revelations in the Atkins Diet, which has evolved through into the latest Keto diets.

Do people lose weight?

I did while enjoying some scratchings now and then.

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So anyway, trying to sell these snacks got me into marketing and now I’m an email copywriter.

Now we’re doing Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues where building self confidence activities are the daily fare.