What can Big Bird, Ernie and Bert tell us about enthusiasm

enthusiastic self imageNo, we’re not visiting Sesame St, Playing the premium Bonds or Singing with Mary Poppins.

Though come to think of it those are all well known for generating huge lumps of enthusiasm.

Enthusiastic Premium Bond winners were chosen by a computer called Ernie.

Big Bird was a Unicycle Riding Canary from Sesame St who owned a Teddy Bear called Radar.


Dick Van Dyke enthusiastically played Bert the Sweep alongside Mary Poppins. (even if he had a dreadful cockney accent).

But no, these aren’t the Big Bird, Ernie and Bert that I’m talking about.

These guys are collectively known as Neutrinos (the little neutral one) and they are sub-atomic particles.
They’re so small, Scientists have been attempting to detect them in a massive experiment at the south pole they call the ice cube.

Recently they detected Big bird and recorded it’s energy readings at over twice that of any other Neutrino yet detected.

It had travelled a very long way – they investigated and discovered it’s source was 9.1 BILLION light years away.

Today, be a little bit Bert, have a slice of Ernie and drink from the fountain of Big Bird.

The version is up to you, but remember to emulate their enthusiasm.