The Way to your Dreams.

Where we are: 2017 – cycle 2 – Week 3: Order – day 2.

Welcome back – so, how did your homework go?

I’m hoping you now have a list of at least 8-10 things.

You don’t? – shame on you – look, I can’t do this for you, I don’t know what your hopes, dreams and fears are, only you know these things.

Ok, I know it’s sticky but here’s an easier way of thinking about it: Have you ever seen the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ – the first one, Curse of the Black Pearl.

In it there is one of the very cleverest devices – ever.

it is a compass that Captain Jack Sparrow uses to guide him to :-

“the thing you want most in this world”.

it gets terribly confused when Elisabeth Swann comes on the scene and Jack has to exert some self control to regain composure so the compass will work – he’s really after the Treasure of Cortés and can’t afford to be distracted by a beautiful woman.

Now, do YOU have such a compass?

Ha! I thought not. (ok, I’m cheating a bit here because no such compass exists – would that it were).

My point is: if you don’t know what your mission or goal is in life, your “Thing you want most in this world” then how are you going to focus on moving towards it every day?

You’ll end up going from point A to point C to point Z before going back to point A – yes, round in circles.

not getting anywhere, feeling stuck because of it and having low confidence and self esteem.

Does this sound familiar? Let’s break this cruel and vicious cycle and get your sail set to pull you toward “the thing you want most in this world” if you’ve done your list – great – but go over it again. if you’ve NOT done it – you know what to do.