Taking the time to listen

Where we are: 2017 – cycle 2 – Week 2: Silence – day 3.

Let me tell you about my Sunday.

It was the best of days, the sun was shining and the air was warm, it felt good to be outside in the fresh air after the long months of winter.

We were out – my wife and I, walking to the other side of town, headed towards a place we like to go for coffee on a Sunday morning – we like to watch the people and look out for kind things we can do.

Anyway I digress.

As we walked along the seafront I was keen to work on my Listening and Questions.

So, she made a comment about something that happened in her early life – something quite – touching really and so I used that as a starting point, I asked a question related to her comment then listened while she explained and after she had finished I asked another question, actually all very interesting – it’s incredible the amount of issues and hopes and fears people have thruoght their lives.

We walked for nearly an hour and I listened as she talked nearly the entire way.

In our years of marriage I don’t think I’ve done enough of that – so I need to practice more.

The result of taking the time to listen and ask questions was that we ended up having a memorable, close and more loving day – more please!