Silence your negative thoughts

Where we are: 2017 – cycle 2 – Week 2: Silence – day 4.

Something you can use for your Confidence.

Someone wrote in and complained about Silence.

“when I shut everything off and just sit in silence my mind keeps bringing up all these negative thoughts, ‘you’re useless’ ‘you’ll never be anybody’ etc and it’s hard to push them aside, I’d rather turn the tv back on.”

Well, I can understand what you’re going through – and the good news is there are techniques you can use to reduce and eventually eliminate these thoughts.

there is a technique called ‘self talk’ – don’t worry it’s not talking to yourself out loud. it should really be called ‘sub talk’ for subconcious talk, because it is designed to get through to your subconcious mind.

This consists of phrases that you present to your mind that build your self esteem and confidence up.

there are a few effective methods you can use.

You can read the phrases – power of 1.
You can write out the phrases – power of 2.

or you can do the most effective.

Listen to the phrases – power of 10.

Now, when I talk about phrases I mean things like, “I can do anything I believe I can do” and you can.

there are thousands of possibilities.

for a ‘quick boost’ you can try “I can, I will, I do, I DARE!” – memorise this one, you can repeat it to yourself when you feel doubt or a lack of confidence.

I can, I will, I do, I DARE!