Random acts of Enthusiasm

random acts of enthusiasm at the carnivalWhere we are: 2017 – cycle 2 – Week 1: Enthusiasm – day 5.

Something we are going to be coming back to over and over again is Random Acts of Kindness.

“No Act of Kindness however small is ever wasted” Aesop.

A random act of kindness is something you can do for someone, that costs you something (time, money, effort etc) and the recipient doesn’t ‘expect’ it.

For instance you can buy the person behind you a drink in the coffee shop. you can hold a door open for someone, help someone across the road or maybe send a postcard to an old friend or relative saying how you appreciate them.

Random acts of kindness are perfect ways to practice your enthusiasm.

Call an elderly relative and talk about them.

The effect of this is that you begin to think of others in a different way, but others see you in a different light too.

it can be hard to get started so just choose something simple to begin with but whatever you choose to do, put a LOT of enthusiasm into it.

here’s a longer list of things you can do.


talk to an elderly person alone at the bus stop.

let someone go ahead of you in a queue.

Donate blood.

Write a letter to you local paper giving thanks for where you live.

write to an old teacher and say thanks.

Give away something you don’t need anymore to someone who could use it.

Listen to someone’s problem without comparing it to one of your own.

write a note and leave it inside a book at the bookstore – also works with money and book tokens.

get a few copies of your favourite book and leave them on buses and trains and benches.

smile (enthusiastically) at everyone you see.

Say something nice about someone when the person isn’t present.


Enthusiastically try some of these (or all) then ask yourself: How do I feel? Fill yourself with random acts of enthusiasm.