What is your mission in life

what is your mission in lifeWhere we are: 2017 – cycle 2 – Week 3: Order – day 1.

What is your Mission in Life?

Don’t have one?

I’m not surprised – 99.9% of people, don’t have a mission.

But what do we mean by mission?

A mission is something like:- Building a business, Becoming a famous actor, or author, starting a charity, or a religious centre, or maybe becoming the best in the world at a sport or music or anything you want.

You see it is personal to you, it must mean a great deal to you.

Belief is everything – you must believe that this is your purpose – something you HAVE to get done.

I cannot tell you what your mission should be but I can help you to discover it.

Once you have your mission you will clearly see what activities bring you closer to your goal and what activities are taking your further away from it.

And it doesn’t have to be a world changing thing, it could be something like losing a lot of weight, getting a dream job or buying your own home.

Here’s how you can begin – Do it, you’ll be making a big mistake if you do not.

To Begin:- take some of that silent time we have been practicing the past week and mix it with a bucketful of enthusiasm we have practiced the week before – pace up and down if you have to – it works for me.

Think up every dream, hope and desire you can, Write down EVERYTHING you can think of that would be just the greatest thing if it happened – remember, there are no wrong answers.

Everything, no matter how big or small, just empty your mind.

You don’t have to show this to anyone, just get excited and empty your hopes and dreams onto the paper.

I know it’s a bind having to think and what not but let the enthusiasm carry you through.

Remember! smile – act enthusiastic – imagine you have just won and Olympic gold medal – how does that feel?

Then get that list out on paper – you’ll feel incredibly positive and energised after you do this.

That’s it for today, Please, do the homework, not for me, but for yourself, you’ll only be letting yourself down if you don’t do it.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about how to discover which ‘one’ should be your mission.